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Water, air, earth. We all see how these key elements for human life deteriorate due to a usage that does not allow the natural renewal of ecosystems. ​The first step in finding solutions is acknowledging the problem. Totem Games proposes to include videogames and interactive playful experiences as a tool to create awareness, inform about the current situation and, most of all, as a way to show that videogames allow a point in common with others to understand the world around us. ​Videogames are an extraordinary field to experiment, to visualize best practices and use of resources. Totem Games' games are developed to allow the player to self-empower with solutions, options, technologies and knowledge to later build the sustainable reality that we all seek.

Water 2050

Based on projections and studies of what our future could be like in 2050, the game invites the player to be the Mayor of the last city on the planet with clean water reserves. ​ In this streamlined city builder and resource manager, you have to keep the city running and attend to various emergencies until you figure out how to time travel to the city of 2022. ​ In this version of the city, things aren't so bad yet and the player has to figure out how to increase awareness of the water crisis, build laboratories and recruit scientists to investigate technologies for a more efficient and sustainable use of water. ​ All the technologies presented in the game exist in reality, and through videos, photos and an attractive narrative players get to discover them. ​ Returning to the city of 2050, the technologies the player had researched and put into action have had a positive impact and the city is a little better. So going back and forth, solving multiple challenging and fun events and situations, the city comes out of the crisis and reaches sustainable prosperity.

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Green Life Simulator

Life simulator where you plan and equip your house to achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible.

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