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Water 2050

Confront the Water Crisis administrating the resources of the last city with clean water reserves in the year 2050... and an unexpected surprise!​

The process of running the city, solving various events and doing research in the laboratory leads to discovering and understanding procedures, technologies and solutions that already exist to achieve a sustainable use of water.

This game won the calling of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay for the making of a vertical slice. Its development is currently being completed in association with the Water Environment Federation.

Fun, challenge, and learning to be part of the project of 
Sustainable Development 6
 of the United Nations


A short video showing many of the game mechanics at a glance. It is not a gameplay video or a trailer but just a record of the current state of the game, still in progress.


Aesthetic exploration of the City Map, showing color palette, areas and limits. ​ From an image taken from the internet and retouched with Photoshop, through tests of different perspectives to an aesthetic and approach with which to continue working. ​More updates coming soon!



Images from the opening comic that lays out the narrative and puts the player in context.



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