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Playing is a universal right, and from the videogame experience it is possible to reinforce empathy, solidarity and understanding. Those who share a game can find a comfortable environment in which to recognize each other as an equal. ​ Totem Games challenges itself to develop videogames and other accessible interactive gaming experiences, with the conviction that inclusion is also the way for extraordinary opportunities to emerge from those who were previously left out.


An adventure where the protagonists are a young boy and a young girl, both blind, who must solve a mystery in an old house where they just moved with their grandfather. ​This game for mobile devices is 100% accessible to people who are blind or have low vision by basing its gameplay on the auditory space, without any visual elements. ​ The use of binaural sound and other innovative techniques to generate spatiality in a videogame allow an extremely natural experience for people who are blind or have low vision, while bringing everyone a little closer to the reality of the people who have this characteristic.

Videojuegos Accesibles



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